Caring for Your Betta Fish: Give it Space

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Betta fish, unlike other kinds of fishes are believed to live longer and are the best types for breeding. Usually, betta fish live normally for three years but most extend it for even around five years. For your betta fish to live long and become good breeders, the best habitat should be provided for them.

Regarding giving your betta fish the best living space, you should put them in an aquarium where they will be free to move as much as they want. If you want your betta fish to live well, avoid putting them in small bowls because this gives them little room to move and reproduce. After getting the best home for your betta fish, you should also focus on their diets so that they will always be in their best shape.

Betta fish foods help in improving the condition of your fish like helping them improve their color as well as helping with their reproductive capacity. The usual store-bought male betta fish is usually four months old and at this point the fins are being developed and are starting to look good so they could already be considered for breeding. Male bettas that live alone usually live longer than those that are usually used for breeding because they receive the best care and maintenance. These so-called “single” male bettas could live for more than six years.

Space, food, and crystal clear water will do the job for you. To keep them at the top of their game, don’t forget to regularly treat and change the tank’s water so that it would be a healthy place for your betta fish to live. If your tank is not so high, cover it partially because betta fish are active and jumpy in nature. Because they are also known as a type of fighting fish, never overpopulate their tanks. Most people claim that the best way is to put dividers between the male and female fish used for breeding because otherwise, they would fight each other before they start getting attracted.

Betta fish are very relaxing to the eyes with their vivid colors that make people want to care for them. Give your betta fish all the food it wants the first time you introduce it to its home. For fish-lovers and stressed-out people who want some refreshing eye-candy, breeding betta fish could be a great experience. Betta fish breeders are also having fun because these kinds breed easily and they usually reproduce a lot. So be sure to follow these tips to keep your betta fish active and healthy.


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