Mr. Potato Head: The Timeless Toy that Never Loses Its Shine

February 24, 2011 at 12:41 pm (Toys & Games) (, )

Mr. Potato Head toys have been in the market for more than fifty years now. The toys are still enjoying much attention from many people despite the changes that passed through time and technology. Because of its simplicity and interesting appeal, the Mr. Potato head line of toys has transcended generations and is continually growing with time boasting of more designs and versions of the famous potato. A best-seller in toys stores around the world, this parent and child approved classic toy is still a hit. Because of Mr. Potato Head’s amusing appearance that is both funny and lovable, kids find him to be a cute plaything along with his other spud friends that are equally as entertaining.

The premise behind the toy is actually very simple-kids can scramble Mr. Potato Head’s body parts however they like it. Mr. Potato Head is not the boring type of potato because you can stick his nose where his ears should be or you could also exchange his hat for a shoe. He also comes out with several costumes sometimes-as Indiana Jones, as a Jedi or even as a Transformer. Be sure to take a look at Potato Head news.

Early grade-schoolers and even toddlers will be able to appreciate this amusing and wacky toy that truly stands out from the others. This simple yet smart toy boosts your child’s thinking and the visuals have proven to be very helpful in helping the child learn about identifying colors and parts. Mr. Potato Head’s parts are one hundred percent safe so you don’t have to worry about your child’s safety. So if you’re thinking about your child’s safety, there is definitely nothing to worry about with Mr. Potato head.

From the first Mr. Potato Head prototype, the parts of the toy have been made bigger so that pre-schoolers would find no difficulty in handling the parts and also to lessen the needed parental supervision. For most parents, Mr. Potato Head is a good choice for children because aside from being simple, it never fails in stimulating a child’s creative side. Its vibrant colors will surely attract children. The toy will surely attract the different markets of children and will surely be appreciated all over the world. Interested? Take a look at this news on Potato Head. So if you’re looking to find a gift for a child, you should get a Mr. Potato Head playset.

Aside from being funny, it will also give your child lots of fun playing. You can endlessly create different looks for Mr. Potato head just by mismatching his wacky body parts. If you want to see a smile on a child’s face, give him a Mr. Potato Head toy. This classic plaything can stand on hours of fun which parents and children will certainly approve of. So share some fun with a Mr. Potato Head toy and continue the tradition that has been for more than five decades. Be sure to take a look at Potato Head news.


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