How Does One Manage French Nails?

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Having French nails is an easy endeavor to engage in and you have the option of doing it yourself at home with a few easy tips. First and foremost, you must clean your fingernails properly and remove any traces of nail polish from each one; it is also required that you file the nails into shape. Skipping the task of cleaning the nails will result to an unsatisfactory outcome making your efforts a simple waste of time. Soften the cuticle in order for you to be able to trim off any loose skin around the path of the nail.

If you attempt working with untreated cuticles, you are well on your way to possible cuts or wounds that are simply unattractive. Start cleaning the cuticles by pushing the skin gently backwards with an orangewood stick; use some cuticle remover to completely remove any other excess that is left. Remember to spend an adequate amount of time on this particular step to make sure you do not damage your fingernails in the process of cleaning out the cuticles. Want to know more? Read this page on French Nails.

Rub your fingernails with hand cream and let the cream seep in; it would probably take a couple of minutes, then wipe off any cream residue; a piece of tissue will work fine. After doing this step, choose among what kinds of nail polish you will be using.

Polish can now be applied to you French nails; start with a clear basecoat allowing each fingernail to dry very well afterwards. A basecoat is needed before any other color is painted on because it serves as the base for whatever the final look will be. When applying nail polish, do not discount the fact that each coat should be allowed to dry completely before the next one is applied or else it will lead to lumps which do not look good.

When the basecoat has been allowed to dry, a thin layer of polish can now be applied over the base; a polish with a pale hue is often the color of choice here; one which matches the color of the nail. Apply the neutral polish two to three times and again let the polish dry completely, about two minutes per coat. Finally, to achieve the look of French nails it is now the time to apply the white strip on the end of the fingernails.

To have an effect on the pale foundation, white or beige nail polish is applied to the tips of the fingernails achieving a French style manicure; using opaque shades this time serves to contrast the former polish shades used. For the fingernail ends, the same rule applies; let each coat dry completely before another one is painted over it. French nails are distinguished by the straight white strip across the nail tips; you can also go along the natural curve of the nail and doing this can actually make your nails appear longer.

Finish your French nails with a clear coat of polish to protect the layers underneath. You can make the surrounding edges of the nails neat with an orangewood stick and a cotton ball doused with some nail polish remover. Let your fingernails dry for a longer time, about an hour will do and you can start doing the things you need to finish; do not rush this drying process or else all of your effort will be worthless. Want to know more? Read this page on French Nails.


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